Dressed for Success

I was about to get my lunch

when the boss called me in her office.

She said your panties were in a bunch

because of some lewd comments.

I picture you standing

with two bulges in a blouse,

Big knockers, red high heels,

and enough paint to cover a house

You like to attend conventions,

dressed to show off your domes.

Clearly it’s for the attention

you’re not getting at home.

She brings you in to see me,

you already think you’ve won,

demanding an apology

for some wrong you think I’ve done.

I give it to you hard and fast,

like I would between the sheets.

My guess is you’re the kind of lass

who spends most time off her feet.

Did your daddy spank you?

Did you like it too much?

If you want to be taken seriously,

stop dressing like a slut.

You leave plenty to see,

wearing little to less, not more.

Now bring me some coffee

you washed up old whore.