On Tomorrow Time

I’m gonna go work out today, I say

from my bed

flipping through the channels



no one’s there

but I say it anyway

trying to convince myself

of the effort

while digging out another gummy kid

from the bag on my belly


getting dressed is half the battle

but even that seems too far fetched

for a day like today

like any other day

since the shine wore off

the New Year’s Resolution

of you and me and


me here

a dot on a map in a city

I don’t trust


loud, congested, stinking,

sprawling, spewing hatred,

never sleeping, always lit,

the city and me

one and the same


why do it today

when tomorrow

is just a day



take a hit and go deep

roll with the punches

love the dope

skip the rope

float like a butterfly

root like a tree

pull up the covers

fall into sleep