Burritos Again

eighteen Mexicans

assholes to bellybuttons

in a box truck trailer

swelter in search of



hushed whispers float

through sweat-soaked


speaking of opportunity

straight teeth and automobiles

wood floors and glass windows

t.v. and American women


no one is over fifty

few over fifty make it


the group had been on the road

for three days, not all driving,

some waiting, on the side

of the road, in desert’s middle


a man of thirty-eight passed out

on the second day

vomited upon waking

others puked out of sympathy

some from the smell


if you had to piss

or crap, there was a hole

through a board

just wide enough

where everyone

must go


there were few stops for


mostly for a change in

drivers, paid by the


cargo bound for freedom


the land of the free

where an ounce

in Oklahoma

gets you

ten years

but you serve three

for sexual assault


where you say what

you want to say

because no one

believes you



where the same old song

plays, and the haves have


and the could haves

have not


dream turned nightmare


but the eighteen

in the back

hold on

to the dream,

paying three

some four



to be



desperate people hold on

to freedom dreams


the eighteen are not afraid

of work, nor do they cringe

at the sound

of English


está la lengua de oportunidad


says one

others nod

and drowse


the truck stops with a jolt

Coyote outside speaks

tells them to stay

inside until the dark


then leaves


we are here

outside is America

I will get a haircut tomorrow

land of opportunity

I will find my brother

poverty and oppression

I will buy a hamburger

bankruptcy and depression

we are ready


the light through the hole

starts to fade

and the eighteen

become restless

some want to go


and others plead to


the dark comes


the eighteen file out

wide-eyed at the WalMart

de México

hungry from the smell of

fajitas de pollo

dizzy from the journey

impatient to be



to be


no está América,

says one


mira el banco,

says another,

está Banamex



Gabriel punches Juan

in the shoulder and rubs his


burritos again